Up here, man has no control. Which is why S.D. Strong spirits are distilled in a cave, 65 feet beneath the surface of the Earth. Where the temperature never changes. The conditions never vary. And the quality is never compromised.

As the story goes.

If you give a man a cave

He’ll give you a good spirit.

Enthralled by tales of the moonshine trade, a distiller by the name of Steve Strong decided to take things one step further. He had an artisan still built, and set up shop beneath the sleepy hollow of Parkville, Missouri.


Murmurs of this cave dwelling distiller have made their way into the social realm.


Forty-two feet and counting


The further we go, the more we uncover. Down here, Mother Nature sets her thermostat at a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. And away he toils, handcrafting small batches of S.D. Strong Vodka, Gin and Rye Whiskey.


By the volatility in the world above, he focuses on his craft.

Working incredibly hard to make it so extraordinarily smooth.

X marks the spot X marks the spot X marks the spot
At the chamber’s base,
a spirited solution is born 750 milliliters at a time. It is clean. It is pure. It is undoubtedly strong.
Snifter Three fingers

Finally, it ascends.

Into the domains of the dealers and the hands of the hedonists. Enter your location and we’ll tell you where to find it.

    Sound like something worth wearing?

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